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Sizzle Reel

To get an idea of the style and scope of my camerawork, please watch the short clip below. For more genre specific examples, scroll down further.



I am an award-winning cinematographer based near Vienna, Austria.
After starting out as editor in the mid-90ies, I moved on studying cinematography at the London Film School.

16mm and 35mm negative film was my starting-point, but my technical background led me into digital imaging very early on.

To this day I love to keep up on the newest tech to work faster and more efficiently without sacrificing speed or quality.
I own and operate a (Netflix approved) digital cinema camera package, some lighting- and audio equipment as well as an editing- and color correction-suite. This makes me a one-stop-shop for small production needs, but I thrive as part of a larger production crew.
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— Florian

Genre Showreels

All films are not made equal. Depending on subject and budget, each type of film requires a tailored approach to production, aestethics and logistics. Not to compare apples with oranges — and for you to quickly find excerps of my work that fit the type of your project — I prepared short themed clips below.

Clients include: A1, Agses, A.S.P., Bernd Wolf*, Billa*, Borealis*, Bundesheer*, Burgenland Tourismus*, Channoine, Dimmu Borgir, Druck.at, Erdgas Auto*, Erste Bank*, Haas Metal,  Internorm*, LearnChamp, Leyer+Graf*, McDonalds*, Mercedes*, Nah&Frisch*, Neos*, Optima Med*, OVP*, Raiffeisen*, RizUp, Rock in Vienna, Samsung*, Sene Cura*, Telering*, TU-Wien, Universal Music, Vivatis Group*, VOST*, Wien Holding*, Wiener Tafel*, Wittmann-Battenfeld*, Wiesbauer, Wirtschaftskammer Wien*, Yo Fruchtsäfte*, Youngstyle, Ytong*, Zipfer*…

* companies or entities I was hired to do camerawork for by third parties, agencies or production companies, NOT clients directly attached to myself.








Phone: +43 699 10411866 Email: florian@thirdeye.at

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